Back & Better than ever it’s…

The Teen Nation Tour

After traveling all over the country in 2014, The Teen Nation Tour returns in

2015 to continue to spread their message to thousands. 

Making a difference in the hearts and minds of young people and more

importantly, taking a stand against BULLYING 

through education and entertainment!

Here is what they are all about!


The Teen Nation Tour is a peer-to-peer community service program to educate and entertain youth about bullying in a way students can relate – through music.

The tour is for schools and features young emerging recording artists from around the country who perform Top 40 country, pop, and rock hits. Artists share personal bullying experiences, discuss the types of bullying, and prevention options. The group also performs concerts on weekends and evenings at non-school venues such as concert halls, arenas, and more.

This tour features many performers, including former Disney Radio artist Celeste Kellogg, as well as seasoned TNT singers like J.Ryan from the X-Factor. A few of the other artists on the tour are include Zach Matari, Katie Belle Akin, Dylan Rey, Simply Rayne, Rylie Lynn, Colton Jacobson, Mason Mercer, Rebelmann, Kristina Lachaga, Gracie and Joey and many more.

A little about the founder and CEO, Lee Wilson

In 2009, Mr. Wilson’s son was bullied and severely beaten on a school bus. The incident was videotaped and posted on YouTube. The video went viral, as did Wilson’s spirit to combat bullying through building awareness and prevention in schools and other venues across America.

Wilson created the Teen Nation tour as a community service program that entertains yet delivers an important and powerful anti-bullying message to students, teachers, parents and community members. What once started as a grassroots effort in 2012 with a few stops has ballooned to more than 330 schools and other venue performances in about 40 cities, 22 states, reaching more than 500,000 people in 2014.

“I will do anything to help kids who are being bullied or are bullying,” said Wilson. This program was born from my personal traumatic experience with my son, and the Teen Nation Tour serves as an outlet to share that experience, and to let kids know we are listening, we care, and there are steps you can take to help manage any situation.”

Wilson is a former restaurateur and business owner, police officer, and veteran of the Army National Guard. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas where the Teen Nation Tour is headquartered.


Their 2015 Tour kicks off mid-January in Dallas, Texas.  Head over to their website via the link provided to see what cities they will be visiting and be sure to follow them on twitter @TeenNationTour

Find out more at


 We here at The Event Stop want to say THANK YOU TNT for making a difference!


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Information provided in this article is just a summary of The Teen Nation Tour

and was obtained from their website. The information is subject to change.

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